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Maine Builders News-Building & Repair Contracts

Maine law requires that home construction or repair work costing more than $3,000 be based on a written contract. If your planning to hire a home improvement professional to work on your home, here are the facts.


The Maine Home Construction Contracts Act requires that any home construction or repair work
for more than $3,000 in materials or labor must be based on a written contract containing specific
information such as price, a description of the work and estimated completion date. Further, any “change orders” that change the contract price must also be in writing. If contractors do not use a written contract to meet the requirements of this law they are subject to civil penalties (payable to the State) of up to $1,000. Further, consumers dissatisfied with construction work can claim in court that
their contractor committed an Unfair Trade Practice by failing to use a written contract that meets the
State standards.

Read more about the law and download a PDF of an approved contract