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How To Choose A Maine Architect

No matter what construction project you are undertaking with your home, an experienced, reputable architect is an invaluable asset to the process. Whether you are building an entire house, adding a bonus room, or remodeling your existing home, an architect provides designs and works with your local contractor to ensure that your home turns out just as you wish.

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Some guidelines for choosing the right Maine architect

  • Do your homework. Talk with your friends and family that have recently used an architect, as well as search the internet for a list of architects that you would like to interview and consider for your project. Look over an architect’s website and see their handiwork or carefully examine your friends and family’s home projects and ask questions concerning their experience.
  • Contact and consider. Once you have made a manageable list, make a list of questions to ask so that your interview provides a clear picture to aid your decision making. Ask questions pertaining to their experience, estimates, principles, etc. Call each architect for a brief phone interview and ask your questions without appearing to pick their brain for free.
  • Narrow it down. Pare your list down to three or four exceptional candidates and then call and set up meetings with each of them. Before you have your meetings, compile detailed information regarding what you would like in the design, your budget, and any questions or concerns you may have about the process.
  • Ask the right questions. In order for your interview to provide a clear idea of whether the architect is right for your project, you have to ask the right questions. Ask about their experience regarding your particular type of project, services they offer, their fee structure, services included in their fee, their design principles, whether or not they have liability insurance, their environmental track record, and whether or not they can show you a detailed computerized rendering before you build.
  • Pick your architect. Choose the best candidate for your project, considering both experience and personality into the equation. You will have many conversations and dealings with your architect, so if you both click then that makes the process that much easier for you.
  • Get a contract. Draw up a contract with the architect and have a lawyer review it so that you know exactly what the terms are, especially regarding payment and under various unforeseen circumstances. Sign the contract only when you are completely comfortable and informed of the terms.

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