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Google Places-Getting to The Top of the Page

Businesses must rank in the top six of local search results for their Google Places listings to have a significant marketing impact.

Get found on Google free of charge! 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they're looking for you with Google Places for business.

If you are a Maine, NH or Mass Contractor Directory customer with a "Preferred Listing" (your company has a complete profile with pictures and logo on one of our websites), you should be in the top 3 (or better #1) on "Google Places", in your area. If you are not, please ask us to review your "Google Places" listing so we can tell you how to improve your ranking. Our review is free, and we can tell you how you can move your business higher up the page. If you are a "I want the #1 spot or nothing" type, we may be able to help you too.

The greatest benefit of Google Places is that the listing service does not cost any money and has extremely high visibility. Companies at the top of Google Places get noticed. These listings get a lot of interest especially among smart phone owners.

For those who do not know what Google Places is (local business listings), or where it appears. Here is an example for "builders", it works the same for plumbers, well drillers etc..

Google Places_0.jpg

Note: If your company does not have a Google Places listing, email us and we will send you instructions on how to list your company to achieve a high ranking. If you are the sort that dislikes written instructions, we can schedule a 15 minute phone call and step you through it. The most important thing is to not attempt to "wing it", let us help you get it right.

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