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Burdick & Associates Landscape Design

Burdick & Associates provides residential landscape design services on Mount Desert Island, coastal and Downeast Maine. We create Burdick Quote.jpgharmonizing and enduring settings for our clients’ homes and summer houses. From entry drives to stone terraces and walls, from pools and spas to cutting gardens, we translate our clients’ visions into landscapes. We unite built and natural environments into settings of lasting beauty—places where daily life has Burdick & Associates, Mount Desert Island Landscape Designerelegance, convenience and joy.

Master Planning
A master plan clarifies the relationship of the inhabitants to the rest of the landscape. Planning begins with a review of the client's habits and dreams, and an assessment of the land's ecological health. Once the boundaries of the design have been established by the client's needs and the limitations of the property, the master plan draws together the constructed landscape elements and the natural elements into a logical relationship.

The master plan pulls the landscape out of chaos, the plantings define the spaces and their moods. Details personalize the design. Sometimes the details are focal points: perhaps an enormous and beautifully glazed pot. Sometimes they are subtle: a change in materials adding texture to a landing. Sometimes they are practical: a large piece of weathered granite set as a landing at the base of a flight of stairs, where lawn would be quickly worn away by passing feet. (Learn more at

Define the character of a place with structure, color, and texture. Whether providing support for an eroding bank or decorating a terrace, they must reflect the requirements of both the site and the client. Gardens can be designed around a time of day - breakfast, for example, or the cocktail hour. Woodland plantings can be as striking as a formal perennial border. What could be lovelier than a mass of white bleeding heart at the edge of a clearing or oriental lilies sparkling in a mass of ferns...?

Has been called the bones of the earth, and from it we shape the skeleton of the landscape. Rough, lichen-covered boulders hold up a hillside thick with blueberry bushes, cut granite blocks form a wall. Stone provides more than structure, it gives color and texture, a warm spot to doze in the sun, a cool path underfoot.

For more about Burdick & Associates please visit, call us at 207-664-0091 or by mail: PO Box 330, Ellsworth, ME 04605.


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